Milady Milad Hair Design & Spa 

 Top of the line quality without the big city prices.

         Nail Care
Mini Manicure ------ 15.00    
relaxing soak, full nail care, and polish
Basic Manicure ----- 20.00
relaxing soak, arm and hand massage, full nail care, and polish
Spa Manicure ---------30.00    
relaxing soak, sea sarlt mineral exfoliation, arm and hand massage, paraffin hand mask, and full nail care with polish
Artificial Nails ----------40.00
Acrylic overlay ---------35.00
Nail Fills ----------------40.00
  recommended every two weeks
Nail Repair -----------4.00/nail
      Nail Art ----------------2.00-4.00/nail
Paraffin Dip -----------12.00
Seals in moisture and softens skin
Mini Pedicure ----------20.00
 foot soak, exfoliation of skin cells, basic nail care and polish
Basic Pedicure ---------30.00
foot soak, sea salt scrub, exfoliation of skin cells, foot and leg massage, full nail care with polish
Spa Pedicure -----------40.00
foot soak with essential oils, exfoliation of skin cells, sea salt scrub and mineral exfoliation, moisturizing foot mask, foot and leg massage, full nail care with polish
Perms --------------------40.00 to 75.00
regular body - body - texture
Specialty Perms ---------add 12.00
boomerang, sprial, brick lay, piggy back
Partial Perms - 15.00 plus 1.50/rod
Straightener -------------40.00/hr
 removes unwanted cure in hair
Tints & 30 day colors ------ 45.00 & up
Men ---------------------------25.00
all over solid colors
Painting ----------------------40.00 & up
color sparadically placed through hair
Cap Highlighting -----------50.00 & up
  one color highlights
Foil Highlights --------------60.00 & up
 highlights placed throughout hair
  can apply multiple colors
    (11.00 per extra color)
Corrective Color
------------ 35.00 & up
  Hair Services
Hair cut ------------------------18.00
Kids cuts ----------------------10.00
   10 years and younger
Style Cut ---------------------35.00
Hair Cut and Shampoo ----23.00
 a relaxing cleansing and conditioning followed by a precise hair cut,
 styled to best compliment your features
Shampoo Style --------------16.00
Up Do ------------------------40.00 & up
 Styled to your specifications
Malibu -------------------------40.00
 removal of chemicals and build-up
  from hair. Long Hair extra
Reconstruction --------------40.00
  reconstructing the hair to its natural PH level
         Facial Care
Facial -------------------------40.00
 facial for deep cleansing, repairing skin, plus
  a tri-phase massage including neck and shoulders
Glycolic Acid Peels ----------50.00
 Exfoliationg top layer of skin.
 Skin becomes vibrant, softer, and healthier
Anti-aging Facial -----------60.00
 Helps clean, tighten, and tone the face.
 Left helpts fight wrinkles, blackheads, and enlarged pores.
Make up -------------------25.00
Eyebrow and Eyelash tint -----20.00
     Waxing & Sugar Waxing
                 Facial waxing ------------12.00 - 14.00 section
     removal of excess hair on face
Lower Leg ----------------35.00
 Ankles to knees
Full Leg -------------------60.00
 Ankles to hips
Back or Chest -----------60.00
15 minute -----------15.00
30 minute -----------30.00
One Hour ------------50.00
 Deep Tissue
Serenitee Hot Stones ---additional 5.00
Hydrating Body Wrap --60.00
       Detoxification programs to help aid
 loss of inches as well as toxins
1 session ----- 5.50
5 sessions ----25.00
10 sessions --40.00
15 sessions --50.00
20 sessions --61.00
   Twenty Minute maximum per session
       Tanning Lotion Available
Birthday Parties ------- 20.00 / Child
  Birthday Person Free
  Includes hair style, polish, cupcakes
    and choice of beverage
Wedding Parties ------- Call for Info
  Includes snacks, beverages,
   And free use of the salon
Ear Candeling ----------40.00
 10.00 for each additional candle
   relieves headaches, sinus allergies,
    vertigo, & minor hearing loss
          minimum 4 candles
Ear Piercing -----------20.00
 Includes one pair of hypoallergenic
   surgical steel studs
Pinch Braids
-----------7.00 / braid
Extensions - 50.00 / hour Plus Cost of Hair

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